Established in 2001 by the visionary brothers Ritesh and Anurag, followed by Mukesh, we have grown to one of the most premium importers of Italian marbles and granites globally.

From Kolkata Airport to Novotel Hotel, Shristi Western Hotel, Taj Vedanta Guhwahti, & Urbana to South City Hotel, we have left our mark on the major parts of the eastern part of India.

Shree Balaji Marbles is here to contribute to your vision by offering the most desired quality in imported marble, granite, and tiles. Our wide range ensures that your space reflects not just elegance and sophistication but also your unique taste.



Our mission is to satisfy our Customers, including interior designers and architects, with an exclusive and luxurious variety of flooring and cladding marbles. When it comes to your Dream Homes, Offices, and Hotels, we are here to guide you, advise you, and fulfill your dreams by giving you the most desired quality imported Marble, Granites, Stones, and tiles.



Shree Balaji Marbles aspires to be the most trusted brand in the imported marble, granite, stone, and tile segment. We envision an elegant and sophisticated display of marbles paired with the best quality and services. When customers think of imported and Italian marble, granite, stone, and tiles, we want them to think, inquire, visit, and ultimately choose Shree Balaji marble – The Leading Marble Shop In Kolkata.


Expanding Goal

Our journey doesn’t stop at being a supplier; we aim to promote a seamless and positive experience for every customer. With a focus on excellence and innovation, Shree Balaji Marbles is committed to redefining the way you experience and choose marble for your spaces.

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In 2001, Shree Balaji Marbles was founded by the visionary brothers Mr Ritesh Agarwal and Mr Anurag Saraf. They started their journey as premium importers of Italian marble, granite, stone, and tile from all over the world.


By 2004, the company experienced significant growth, becoming a flourishing marble company. It was founded by brothers Mr. Ritesh Agarwal and Mr Anurag Saraf IN 2001, with Mr Mukesh Agarwal joining later.


As we entered 2008, Shree Balaji Marbles emerged as a leader in supplying marble and granite to prominent promoters and hoteliers in Kolkata, eastern India, and Mumbai. During this time, we expanded our operations to import marble from various corners of the globe.


Our growth continued, and we established one of the largest imported marble stockyards in Kolkata, near Science City. With a ready stock of 8-10 lakh sqft of premium imported marble, Granites, Stones, and Tiles, we became a reliable supplier for projects across India and abroad, including airports, malls, hotels, bungalows, and corporate houses.


By 2018, Shree Balaji Marbles had solidified its position as a leader in the IMPORTED ITALIAN MARBLE segment. Our commitment to learning, innovation, and improvement has contributed to our reputation as a trusted name in the industry.