how to clean Italian marble floor

3 Tips On How To Make Your Italian Marble Shine

Italian marble is known for its timeless beauty and luxurious appearance, yet proper care must be taken to preserve its lustre. If you want your Italian marble floors to gleam with brilliance, here are three practical tips to ensure they look their best!

  • Remove Stains with a Gentle Shampoo-Water Solution

Marble’s porous structure makes it vulnerable to staining from spills such as coffee or curry, but fear not; there is a gentle yet effective solution! Create an easy cleaning mixture by mixing two tablespoons of gentle shampoo with two tablespoons of water to form an emulsion. Apply this solution using a soft-bristle brush over the affected area for thorough coverage.

The gentle shampoo solution helps to lift and break down the stain without damaging the marble surface. On day 2, remove and scrape off the dried paste – you should see your stain disappear before your eyes!

To achieve optimal results, utilize our special cleaning mixture – commonly called the “potent-pocha.” This alternative floor cleaner solution effectively cleans marble surfaces and is composed of dishwashing liquid and water. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in the warm water bucket, then use this solution for mopping marble floors twice every week for best results.

2. Polish Once The Natural Sheen Dulls

After years, when your marble’s sheen becomes dull, polishing it can be the best way to revive its previous shine. Also, polishing marble floors is essential to their preservation and longevity. Once their natural sheen dulls, call experts to polish and rejuvenate their brilliance. This process restores its sheen and vitality while replenishing its source material to leave your marble looking as good as new!

3. Maintain Carefully

While these tips will certainly go a long way towards rejuvenating and maintaining the shine of Italian marble floors, routine care must also be taken to keep them looking their best over time. Here are a few additional maintenance suggestions designed to keep them pristine:

  • Avoid Acid-Based Cleaners: Acidic cleaners can damage sealants on marble surfaces and lead to discolouration and deterioration over time, so opting for organic marble-friendly cleaning products as protection will provide maximum benefit.
  • Say Goodbye to Bleach: Say farewell to bleach, as it can lead to the yellowing of marble floors over time. Switch to gentle cleaning agents like vinegar to maintain their original hue and aesthetic appeal.
  • Handle with Care: Minor abrasions can scratch the marble. To protect the surface, use soft bristle brooms and mops when cleaning floors and avoid moving heavy furniture across them.
  • Keep it Dry: Excess moisture can damage marble surfaces, so make sure that any spills are cleaned up promptly and floors thoroughly dried after each cleaning to avoid water damage.

Protecting Marble Floors with Rugs: While covering marble floors may seem counterintuitive, placing rugs or mats in high-traffic areas can actually help preserve their beauty for many years to come. Rugs will protect the floor from wear and tear and preserve its beauty for years.

Final thoughts

Follow these tips as part of your regular cleaning regimen to maintain the stunning elegance and shine of Italian marble floors, turning them into timeless centrepieces in your home.

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